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Competition Kettlebells

Competition Kettlebells

Eleiko Competition Kettlebell - 32 kg

A series of coloured kettlebells containing the weights 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 kg. All weights are the same size on the sphere, Ø 210 mm - according to standard measurements.

Our coloured Eleiko Kettlebells are made from cast steel. They are made of several parts which are welded together after calibration. The actual globe is cast with a sand core inside and post processing the sand core is broken apart and removed from the sphere. 


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- Article code:383-0320

- Weight :32 kg

- Height :280 mm

- Diameter :210 mm

- Colour :Dark red

- Diameter of grip:35mm

- Feature:The same ball size regardless of weight

Space for effective training

When training with kettlebells it is often a great advantage for the kettlebell to have a slightly rough surface, not least at the rack position. On our coloured kettlebells, we have selected a finish that makes this possible. The paint is oil-based and very high strength, but it is not guarantee to be intact after strong slams.

Shiny, varnished grip

The grip is polished sanded and clear coated at the factory. For even better performance and individual adjustments, it can be sharpened further.